Cellar Door

Miss Mana


Asuna. The pain that burned deep in my chest came back. Asuna, my beloved, my wife, the woman who had stood at the end of the world with me.

Was it a dream? A beautiful illusion I’d witnessed in an artificial world? For a moment, I wasn’t sure. 

No, she was real. We’d laughed together, cried together, fallen asleep together…those things weren’t a dream. Kayaba had said ‘Congratulations on beating the game Kirito and Asuna.’ I heard him say her name. If I was included among the players who survived, Asuna must be as well. 

The moment I realized this, my love and overwhelming longing for her exploded within me. I want to see her. I want to touch her hair. I want to kiss her. I want to hear her voice.” (p.244) 

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Friendly reminder to everyone with PTSD from childhood experiences

A part of you might feel stuck in that time of your life, and it’s totally normal and good and ok to want to indulge that. Sometimes it helps to watch Disney movies (we all do that anyway) and drink juice boxes and color and just take care of that scared little kid trapped inside you, and if anyone tells you that it’s stupid then I will throw them in a dumpster for you

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